Obstacle Course Racing - "OCR"
Elite to the First Timer!

OCR Training has arrived and we are so happy to offer this much needed program to the North Shore. Have you already added some obstacle course races on your annual calendar OR are you hoping to? 

Our program will offer an Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level OCR Race training group for athletes looking to finish, PR or just DOMINATE the obstacles. 

Don't hesitate to start training. Beginning your training in advance will prepare you both physically and mentally for the  multi-skill, multi-terrain nature of an adventure race. We can help you prepare for any adventure race or even an entire adventure race season!

Essential Information


The CFIS/B&S OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Training Program is designed to progressively build endurance, strength, stamina and mental toughness to not only finish BUT finish STRONG. This program will consist of trail running, basic technique in log carrying, wall climbing, low crawling, spear throwing, rope climbing and rope pulling. Knowing the exact technique and execution of these obstacle skills coupled with the proper endurance base will give you an advantage over your competitors. Don't be a Spartan Weekend Warrior! Be a Spartan Competitor!! This program will MAKE YOU A COMPETITOR. 

Intensity Level



Day & Time: Please check schedule or contact us for OCR schedule. 

Location: B&S Training Facility, Salem, MA



Where We Meet


The B&S Fitness Facility is located at the far end of Shetland Park in Salem, MA.  Please use the entrance at the corner of Leavitt Street and Pingree Street.  For your GPS, enter the following address and you will be brought to the correct entrance for Shetland Park: 97 Leavitt Street Salem, MA 01970