Fitness Achievement For Everyone.

Our goal at B&S Fitness is to improve the quality of life and health for every member through innovative and effective fitness programs. We offer premier training to get you living the healthiest and most physically successful life you could have imagined.

Precision Training for Peak Athletic Performance

B&S Sport Science offers advanced and specialized training programs for athletes of all ages and abilities.  We design finely tuned, sport-specific fitness programs based on the latest research in sports science, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sport technology. Training with B&S Sport Science will make you faster, stronger, and agile. When you want to compete with the best, train with the best!

Unique and Competitive Events for Every Athlete

B&S Event Management specializes in creating, managing, and directing quality endurance events ranging from road races, to adventure runs, and even kayak races. The variety, size, and professionalism of our events distinguish us as one of the largest and most dynamic event management companies in New England.

A place to learn about fitness in an inviting and welcoming community

CrossFit IronSpider is a fitness community dedicated to helping everyone achieve their individual goals within an inspiring group setting. Our certified CrossFit coaches will prepare you to tackle workouts that are constantly varied, always challenging, and based in functional movement. Our measurable, observable and repeatable workouts are how we track your progress. We address all aspects of fitness from strength, to flexibility, to stamina. Once you have experienced the CrossFit IronSpider community the words “Fitness” and “Workout” will have a new meaning.