B&S Fitness Corporate Wellness

“Healthy Employees = Happy Employees"

Health, Happiness and Productivity go hand and hand. If your employees have the opportunity to spend some time focusing on their health while at work, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Statistics show that when employees are feeling great and happy they succeed within that business and the business benefits from a more productive and positive team member. Why not help your employees learn to and become healthier, make better food choices, how to be active on a tight schedule as well as show some guidance for those who don’t know where to start. Corporate Wellness is here to help you provide a better work environment for your employees. Benefit from our experiences with working with various corporations over the past 14 years.

What we offer:

Option A: $200-$500

Onsite nutrition and fitness “Power Hour”

60-90 minute is an informational seminar focused on nutritional choices with our own licensed nutritionist, as well as our certified fitness coach discussing small steps to becoming active at the workplace as well as how to make the most efficient workout with limited time.

Option B: $199 per person

Corporate Fitness Boot Camp or CrossFit

6-week onsite outdoor or indoor bootcamp offered during lunch break (or after work) with our certified fitness coach.  The coach will come once a week and provide “Fitness homework” for 2 other training sessions per week. We will weigh-in participants every week and provide nutrition and physical challenges for additional motivation. Our coach will design minimal equipment workouts that get your employees moving in a safe and fun way. All fitness levels are welcome and highly encouraged to join. We need a minimum of ten participants to make this happen.

Option C: One on one or group support setting

Varies by package & number of participants  $200-$700

Private Nutritional Guidance

Liana DeLoid, MS, RD, LDN from Engaging Nutrition offers nutrition counseling either one on one or in small groups. Liana is known for her energy, passion for nutrition and commitment to her clients. She works with clients to help form a practical path for success. She provides her clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to implement healthy lifestyle changes through proper nutrition.  She also accepts insurance plans and can meet in person or via Skype.

Option D: Small Group Fitness & Nutrition

*Price determined by number of participants and location of training sessions.

For anyone that wishes to further the fitness component. Personal Training sessions available at out facility in Salem, MA as well as any of our bootcamp or crossfit classes. Another option that is available is working with the coach via the internet. Coach will give them “home workouts” and different challenges to do on their own that will benefit their lifestyle and up their fitness level.