Half Marathon Training

The CFIS/B&S Fitness 12-week Wicked 1/2 Marathon Training Program will provide participants with a weekly coached track workout, coached strength workout, weekly group long run, a comprehensive training manual, incredible group camaraderie, A LOT OF MOTIVATION, FUN and SUPPORT. This program is designed for beginner to intermediate level runners, non-runners in need of structure, motivation and a GOAL. 

Training sessions will focus on running technique through drills, bio-mechanics, plyometric drills and agility. Learn what your V-Dot is, through benchmark testing and watch as it improves throughout your training. This program is a progressive training program to prepare for the Wicked 1/2 Marathon in Salem, Ma., however, anyone is welcome to join if they have another goal race this fall. A Coach will be on hand at each workout to help you achieve your personal goals, hit your paces and push you to achieve new ones. 

Essential Information


Kick Off Meeting June 22nd @ 8am

Official Training June 27th @ 6am


Men and Women looking for coached structure and guidance with group motivation and camaraderie.

ALL running levels welcome and encouraged. 

Intensity Level


Days And Times

Running Specific Workouts:
Track Session Salem - Thursday 6am, Track Session MHD TBD, Long Runs (MHD ONLY) TBD, Strength session (any class on the CFIS or B&S schedule). 

CFIS/B&S Members $20, Non-Members $199 


Where We Meet


Salem Common, Hawthorne Blvd. and S Washington Sq., Salem, Ma. Near the Basketball court and Playground