50+ Live Strong strength training program 

 Body Weight ball Squats AT 73 YEARS OLD! 

Body Weight ball Squats AT 73 YEARS OLD! 

designed to introduce or re-introduce  50+ year old men and women to weight lifting in a safe, structured and motivational environment. The workouts are low intensity and focused on full body strength, balance and core development. 


As we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density This may seem harmless but this leads to osteoporosis, injuries, poor posture, as well as muscle and joint pain. These are just the scientific effects of aging.

How about your mental and emotional effects? Feeling weak, tired, out of shape, and hopeless of making the help and change your body needs. 

The benefits of weight training are important for all ages, but incredibly important for people as we age. You will increase bone density, muscle mass, as well as your bodies store of proteins and metabolites. All of these will help improve your recovery after injuries, and traumas such as surgery. Your mental and emotional state will give you self confidence, self value and increase your energy. 


B&S Fitness: 90 Leavitt Street, in Shetland Park Dock 19/20, Salem, Ma


Based on your schedule (contact us for a session or free consultation)

What : 

$125 for 4-personal training session's

Why :

Get introduced to our programs, coaches, learn functional movements to improve your everyday life and LIVE STRONG. 


The B&S Fitness Facility is located at the far end of Shetland Park in Salem, MA.  Please use the entrance at the corner of Leavitt Street and Pingree Street.  For your GPS, enter the following address and you will be brought to the correct entrance for Shetland Park: 90 Leavitt Street Salem, MA 01970