Silver Strong 

Our  55+ Fitness Program

Body Weight ball Squats AT 73 YEARS OLD! 

Body Weight ball Squats AT 73 YEARS OLD! 

As we age, exercise becomes more and more crucial to maintain good health and independent living. We've developed a customized program with expert fitness trainers to help individuals 55+ achieve physical fitness to help make daily life tasks easier. Through these low impact, full body strength and functional training exercises you have nothing to lose except WEAKNESS while gaining confidence.


B&S Fitness: 45 Congress Street Dock 19/20 ( Located off Leavitt Street), Salem, Ma


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What : 

$49 for 5 weeks of intro session for support, tips, and customized workouts

Why :

Get introduced to our programs, coaches, and learn functional movements to improve your everyday life. 


The B&S Fitness Facility is located at the far end of Shetland Park in Salem, MA.  Please use the entrance at the corner of Leavitt Street and Pingree Street.  For your GPS, enter the following address and you will be brought to the correct entrance for Shetland Park: 97 Leavitt Street Salem, MA 01970