Overview:  This 8-week weight loss challenge is for women looking for a little extra motivation, structure, and accountability to lose weight for a chance to win a sexy NEW black dress, for the sexy new YOU. In addition to your sexy new dress from Bobbles & Lace, you will be pampered at Radiance Salon and Spa for a night out on the town to celebrate your amazing accomplishment and healthy new life style.

Starts: TBD

Cost: $199 for 8 weeks (Current B&S/CFIS Members ONLY $50)

Program Details: 8 Weeks, 2 workouts/ week (any class on the schedule), weekly weigh in's, physical challenges and nutritional challenges. 

What is included in the new year?!

  • One-on-one consultation 
  • Weigh in (Saturday's 7:30am)
  • Documented progress of your weekly weigh-ins
  • Short seminars by professionals in the health industry regarding weight loss, nutrition, and health 
  • "Recipe of the Week" by Debra Klein Health Coaching
  • Q&A's and email access to coaches
  • Helpful tips for exercise and nutrition in your daily life
  • 8-week layout of your fitness and nutrition challenges
  • List of resources for aspects of nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and health
  • A chance to win OVER $1000 in Ca$h and Prize$ while transforming your life

NEW THIS YEAR - Gold Direct Care!

This year B&S Fitness is working with Dr. Carmela Mancini and Dr. Jeffrey Gold of Gold Direct Care to offer our clients an added service to achieve their weight loss goals under the .

* Personalized programs to help you monitor your physiologic and medical response to weight loss.

* Pre and Post weight loss in-depth physical exam, evaluation and laboratory tests (including complete metabolic panel, cholesterol level vitamin B12 and A1C for diabetic patients)

TRANSFORMATION: Includes everything in BASE level with the addition of Gold Direct Care medical testing and in depth physical examination as well as Health Coaching by Debra Klein (phone prep meeting and private break through session). Price: $ Non-Members $389, Members-$190

Location: B&S Fitness Companies, 90 Leavitt St., Salem, MA

Contact: Amanda Nisula at 978-836-0271, bnsfitnessevents@yahoo.com