Overview:  This 8-week weight loss challenge is for women looking for a little extra motivation, structure, and accountability to lose weight, change your daily habits and help improve the quality of your life. If you happen to win a sexy NEW black dress, that is just a bonus for bragging rights. The winner will also be pampered at Radiance Salon and Spa for a night out on the town to celebrate your amazing accomplishment, leaner, sexier new body  and healthy new life style.


Cost: $199 for 8 weeks (Current B&S/CFIS Members ONLY $50)

Program Details: 8 Weeks, 2 workouts/ week (any class on the schedule), weekly weigh in's, physical challenges and nutritional challenges. 

What is included:

  • One-on-one consultation

  • Weekly Weigh in's (before your choice workout)

  • Documented progress of your weekly weigh-ins

  • Weekly nutritional challenge for gradual life style changes

  • Weekly physical challenge for extra motivation outside the training facility

  • Q&A's and email access to coaches

  • Helpful tips for exercise and nutrition in your daily life

  • List of resources for aspects of nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and health

  • Group support, accountability, structure and motivation

Medical insight to your goals with Gold Direct Care!

B&S Fitness is working with Dr. Carmela Mancini of Gold Direct Care to offer our clients an added service to help them achieve their weight loss goals with a more medical insight and evaluation.

* Personalized programs to help you monitor your physiologic and medical response to weight loss.

* Pre and Post weight loss in-depth physical exam, evaluation and laboratory tests (including complete metabolic panel, cholesterol level vitamin B12 and A1C for diabetic patients)

Location: B&S Fitness Companies, 90 Leavitt St., Salem, MA

Still have questions? Contact: Brandi at 978-204-8588