Triathlon Coaching

With over 30 years of combined professional coaching experience, we have developed the formula for success in triathlon. The secret to our success rate, is recognizing that triathlon is more complex than other endurance sports and therefore, by creating an extremely efficient workout plan, we can improve your times, recovery, and maximum output, as well as reduce injury rates.

Our Triathlon Training programs are individualized to meet each triathlete's specific goals, schedule, and ability level. We encourage all triathletes to optimize their time and training with our great coaches at B&S.

Coaching Package Options

On-Line Individualized Triathlon Coaching Plan: $150/month

  • Daily detailed workouts through 
  • Initial background questionnaire followed by meeting to set-up personalized schedule and goals
  • Second meeting to review and discuss progress
  • Benchmark testing to develop training goals and specific heart rate/power zones (administered by athlete)
  • Performance nutrition guidelines for optimal performance
  • Email or phone consultations weekly
  • Workout log account for data and workout analysis
  • Additional Personal Training/Coached sessions for a reduced fee of $50/session


One-on-One Consultation for Annual Plan

Develop your race goals, short and long term training goals with a USAT Coach

If you are looking for some direction on what to do, when and how to help you develop your race season this is a great way to start. Our USAT Certified coaches will help you develop a strategy to help you reach your race goals.


B&S Members $50

Non-Members $75