8-12 Weeks of Strength and Conditioning

Days: Tuesday & Thursday 6-7am - please contact Brandi@bnsfitness.com to confirm schedule.

Price: Student Rate 2xweek $69/month *Drop In Fee: $15  
*Weekly rates are available

Why you NEED this program....

Your competition is training right now.. what are you doing? If you want to gain an edge on the field/court/etc. you should be joining a specific training program to keep you focused, motivated and structured this summer.

  • Gain Speed and Strength
  • Learn Olympic lifting techniques (Snatch, Jerk, Clean)
  • Improve Power and Endurance
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Become More Agile on the field making you a THREAT to competitors.

If interested please contact Brandi Dion at 978-204-8588 or Brandi@BnSFitness.com